About This Journal

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Jurnal Bahasa is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal published biannually, in June and December, by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. The journal was first published in March 2001.

The aim of this journal is to develop the field of Malay linguistics. It is meant to be the space where linguists present their views and findings of their research in linguistics. Discussions in this journal deal with a variety of aspects concerning language, such as terminology, lexicography, grammar, etymology, computational linguistics and vocabulary. It is suitable to be used as reading and reference material for linguists, scholars and language teachers.

Jurnal Bahasa is indexed in MyJurnal, MyCite and the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC).


Focus and Scope

The articles included in this journal focus on the latest linguistic studies by academics from within and outside the country, especially articles concerning Bahasa Melayu, and those from the same language family. Only quality articles or scholarly writings with authoritative references are selected for publication. Those fields of linguistics in which there have been few studies in the Malay language will be given preference. Studies of Bahasa Melayu may be from within or outside the geographical area in which Bahasa Melayu is spoken. The articles are published in Malay with English translations of titles, abstracts and key words.


Evaluation Process

The evaluation process may take one to four months. It involves:

  • A review of the format and content (according to scope)
  • A double blind review
  • Correction by the writer (if necessary)
  • Editorial decision.